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Fast, fun and safe, the Astus trimarans have been designed to offer maximum pleasure with minimum hassle. They are light and very easy to move around, launch and recover. But it is on the water that the personality of these lovely trimarans really shows: their high sail area over weight ratio will give you endless exhilarating sailing, with their multihull design and high-buoyancy floats and hull keeping them safe and easy to handle.

The little Astus 14.1 skiff has now been discontinued as Astus make space for bigger boats, the next of which will be the Astus 24. Order NOW for the 2014 season.

The Astus 18.2 is the ideal dayboat for endless planing reaches followed by a picnic on the beach. It offers incredibly rewarding sailing and couldn't be easier to handle, even singlehanded. If you need more space, the Astus 20.2 provides room for 6 adults in the cockpit and a cabin with double berth and plenty of storage space. For longer cruising the Astus 22 offers a vast cabin with 4 berths and acres of cockpit and sunbathing space!

The Astus 18.2, Astus 20.2 and Astus 22 have their floats mounted on telescopic tubes for easy stowage and towing. No tools needed: just push the floats in and drive away. The floats can also be extended and retracted on the water, giving you access to narrow slipways and monohull berths in marinas. They are friendly boats that you will want to take to your favourite sailing spots all year long.

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12/05/2014Astus 20.2S demonstrator has been sold. However, I have a used 18.2S for sale, although I hope to give a possible buyer a demo in the boat this week so if you want it be quick. Call 07985 043 981 to arrange demo please.
13/04/2014Astus 20.2S demonstrator will be available to try in the Dartmouth. Call 07985 043 981 to arrange demo please.
10/04/2014Astus 20.2S demonstrator will be available to view in the London area, actually Old Windsor / Runnymede. Call 07985 043 981 to arrange to view.
04/08/2013Astus demonstrator, the New XL version of the popular 20.2 trimaran may still be available for sale. Call to discover if you are not too late. All other 2013 demo boats belonging to AstusBoats, France have already been sold but Ahoy-Boats has two 2012 boats still available (see recent video on blog). Contact us using the TAB (top right) above.
09/12/2012Astus launch two new boats at the Paris Boat Show. GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW. New XL version of the popular 20.2 trimaran and a querky monocoque trimaran motor sailer, the Bay Dream 5.5, designed to circumvent French taxation of motor boats.
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