Casino Cruises for Dummies

casinocruiseWe’ve all heard in recent news about politicians and other public figures keeping their loot in ‘offshore’ accounts, and the trouble and scorn that brings. While most of us won’t ever have the kind of money that requires such backhanded accounting, there is one way we can have and make money offshore – take the word ‘offshore’ literally and go on a casino cruise!

High Stakes, High Seas

CelCruisesNow you could easily sign up for an ordinary run-of-the-mill cruise liner trip from your preferred departure point. The biggest and best of these are sure to have a casino on board that will offer plenty of good reasons not to be playing deck tennis or quoits, as if you needed any. Celebrity Cruises, eight-time winners of Travel Weekly’s award for Best Premium Cruise Line boast on-board casinos that rival Vegas itself. With high stakes, customized limits, and better odds, they outshine a lot of landlocked casinos. Treat yourself to one of their cruises and you can easily play blackjack or roulette all the way to the Galapagos Islands or Alaska, and all the way home again.

VictoryCruisesBut should the pleasure of a flutter outweigh the pleasures of travel for you, then there are options to do your gambling on the high seas without first having to read the guidebook. In fact, you can easily do the whole experience in an afternoon with Victory Cruises who operate out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Their dedicated casino cruises operate seven days a week. For a measly $13, anyone over the age of eighteen can board the 11 AM or 7 PM cruise ship, and play their favourite games, from poker to bingo, before returning five hours later, hopefully richer than when they came aboard.

NCLcasinoOut of Europe, Norwegian Cruise Line has an impressive 2800 slot machines and over 200 table games to be played on their luxury fleet. They seem to understand that the committed punter wants a casino experience to stand with anything Caesars could offer, and they do an admirable job. They even have a ‘Players Club at Sea’ to earn reward points while you’re breaking the bank.

Paddle Your Own Casino

Of course, both of the above options will require a little travel to get to the boarding point. So if you’re not going to get to Florida this year, then how about taking the initiative and create your very own casino cruise? The joy of our interconnected always-online world is that wherever we go, we still have access to the Internet and, most importantly, access to online gambling! So here’s what to do: First, check out for extensive information about the most popular slots and casino games right now. Then gather a group of your favorite flutter buddies and arrange to meet them down at the docks at 6 AM on Saturday. When the gang assembles, tablets and phones at the ready, usher them aboard the small charter boat you’ve hired for the day. Voila! Instant casino cruise! With a few beers and snacks you can all happily spend the day playing any casino game there is through your devices. If there’s a serious budget restraint, then surely a rowboat will do just as well, eh? In fact, catering for two-man kayak casino cruises might just be the new business you’ve been dreaming of! Bon Voyage.