Sailing Vacation – The Dummies’ Guide

sailingSailing is extremely fun, a hobby of which you will never tire. That is, unless you set out on a sailing vacation around the world – studies show that most people are worn out by the third month of any long-term holiday, if constantly on the move. Otherwise, sailing will always be great, whether you prefer to spend your weekends at sea, or enjoy renting different vessels while on longer vacations.

Get Ready For a Brand New Experience

If you have never sailed before, but are now getting ready to set out on your first trip, there are a couple of important things you should consider in advance.

1. Go Through a Sailing Course First

courseSure, you might already have the appropriate license, but what about experience? For most people, sailing on their own for the very first time can be very challenging, even if you have helpers with you in the form of family members or friends. Also, please consider your surroundings. If you took your sailing certification in the UK, do you feel fit to sail the Mediterranean? How about the Indian or Pacific oceans? Our very first tip is to take a quick course before you set off on your own. On holidays in Greece? Take a quick day-course in local sailing before you rent a boat and set off on your adventure.

2. Hold On – Always

You probably heard this one in sailing school – “one hand for you, one for the boat”. It is very important to always have one hand on the boat, no matter where you are and what you are doing. Even if you just exit the deck for a minute to have a look around, please keep your hand on something firm. Sailing is awesome, but only when done in a secure, safe manner. Many people tend to “let go” of their awareness after a while. But only until they go overboard into the cold water. Then the lesson sticks.

3. Carefully Choose Who You Sail With

partnerMost people have a close friend or a partner with whom they wish to sail, but please sit down and think about this for a little while before you set off. It is one thing to see this person every once in a while at the local pub, or see each other in the living room after work and go to sleep after dinner. It is a completely different thing to start a dangerous journey with this person, and have to rely completely on them, and they on you. After all, you’ll be seeing each other from early dawn till late evening, constantly depending on him/her, and having nowhere to go if a fight were to break out. Can you imagine staying in the same boat for a week with that guy from the bar who is always so much fun? The one who is cracking jokes constantly? Could you stand listening to jokes and hearing his laughter for 140 hours straight?

4. Bring a Bucket

So, you have stuffed your bag following a pack list, and are ready to set off on your first sailing journey. But, did you bring a bucket? If the boat is close by, make sure you bring a bucket. And if you are going to buy or rent a boat at your next destination, then you better buy a bucket when you get there. Buckets are important, especially if you are going sailing in a dinghy or other small boats. Nobody wants to get his or her feet wet, and then think, “I should have brought the damn bucket!”